My Biography


I have over 20 years of experience working with children with a wide range of communication difficulties and disorders. My career has been spent in private clinics where I have concentrated on highly individualized treatment for children and their families.

I specialize in diagnosing and treating children with a wide range of speech production disorders. I have expertise with the differential diagnosis and treatment of dysarthria, childhood apraxia of speech, mild-to-severe orofacial myofunction and planning disorders, and articulation disorders. Consideration of a child’s chewing and swallowing behaviors, as well as oral rest posture, is factored into assessment and treatment. Phonological skill development is supported in light of phonetic speech production difficulties. Speech goals are addressed within the context of connected speech and involve consideration of respiration, phonation, fluency, and prosody. Additionally, I treat children with motor-and sensory-based feeding difficulties.

I have extensive training and experience facilitating the development of language and literacy skills. I successfully target basic receptive and expressive language development involving simple phrases and sentences. I employ strong imagery work to address all levels of language comprehension and production involving complex vocabulary and syntax, inferencing, and narrative skill development. I enjoy supporting academic success through early literacy and executive function development.

I work closely with parents, teachers, occupational therapists, pediatricians and other providers to address speech-language needs within the context of the whole child. My clients make progress because I present them with clear expectations and provide appropriate support. I have an unyielding belief in my clients’ abilities.

I am Hanen certified and have had PROMPT, DIR/Floortime, and Visualizing & Verbalizing training. I have been trained in the Seeing My Time® curriculum through Executive Functioning Success. Additionally, I have pursued training to support children with anxiety and regulation difficulties.

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